SAYVES knows that no smart phone is secure. SAYVES does not store or transmit your account data on your phone or in the open. Short, unique, and dynamic micro-bursts of data are used instead, to increase security. This enables SAYVES to process each transaction faster, saving money, and creating the PAYMENT platform of the FUTURE!


 SAYVES Pays & Saves

Participating banks are joining with merchants to initially give $100 to $1,100 of mCash (merchant cash) to help you increase your purchasing power in Phase I. In Phase II each merchant will gift you their mCash to reward you for your patronage. No longer will you need to carry merchant gift cards or leave them in a drawer when you really need them; or loyalty apps on your phone, wasting your memory. Now one simple, super secure, speedy app does all that and SAVES you money.

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SAYVES™ merchants are joining together to PAY YOU more than $600 in Gift Value when your wallet is loaded onto your phone. Plus an additional savings of 1% to 10%  will be added to your account after each sale, to invite you to return again and again.

SAYVES™ allows you to easily sign up, store, manage, and access all of your accounts on your phone. Now you can combine the merchant Loyalty, Gift, and Payment into one seamless transaction. This makes your life simple, safe, and SAVES YOU money with every purchase!

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